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CBS coverage of the launch of Apollo 7 - October 11th 1968. 
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Happy 82nd birthday to John W. Young (September 24, 1930), the only astronaut to fly aboard the Gemini, Apollo and space shuttle spacecraft. 
In this 1965 photo, Young is going through last-minute checks before the Gemini III mission’s March 23 launch. Young was the pilot on this flight, the first manned flight of the Gemini spacecraft, which was commanded by Gus Grissom. 
via NASA
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Loading of S-IV stage to NASA’s Pregnant Guppy (Aero Spacelines Super Guppy) aircraft, September 1963. In: Werner Büdeler: Projekt Apollo - Das Abanteuer der Mondlandung. Bertelsmann Sachbuchverlag, 1969.
Read more: Saturn Illustrated Chronology - Part 4 (January 1963 through December 1963).
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Artist’s depiction of Apollo 13 crew on lunar surface, c1970.source: apolloarchive.com
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Expedition 30 Soyuz Rollout (by nasa hq photo)